The Hidden Oasis - Case Study


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What started off as a family’s retirement plan of running a small orphanage called Sai Children’s Home in 2002, took a sustainable environmental turn, and thus the idea of ‘The Hidden Oasis’ was born. 2 decades of dedicated efforts to transform a barren piece of land into a lush green eco-resort needed to be complemented with an online presence for establishing the brand identity and brand awareness to win the customers looking for wellness, spiritual bliss, and inner-awakening. Basically, anyone looking for a getaway from the hustle-bustle of normal, city life.

Here’s how we helped The Hidden Oasis establish brand presence in the online space and scale up brand identity and brand awareness, making it popular among its target segment.


The Hidden Oasis, being a living example of environmental conservation, electricity generated from solar panels, rainwater harvesting, water-shedding, biogas plant, solar cookers, organic farming, and a natural forest which is a habitat for native and migratory birds, is the whole package. The challenge was: How to establish the brand identity from scratch and communicate the brand personality to mainstream customers. Other challenges are listed below with successful results: 

Our Role:

  1. Logo Redesign
  2. Website design and creation
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Curated Programs


We understood that The Hidden Oasis has a unique offering where they combine a picturesque getaway with sustainable living and wellness, spiritual bliss, and inner awakening. We knew we would have to find innovative ways to portray the identity of the brand that captures the essence of what The Hidden Oasis actually stands for.


My Big Brand Story came up with a 3-step solution to help The Hidden Oasis with Brand Repositioning and creating a new Brand Identity from scratch. The 3 steps involved:

1. Redesigning the Logo:

The process was initiated by thoroughly understanding the brand philosophy and living and breathing the brand tonality to communicate the essence of it all through the brand logo. The My Big Brand Story team visited the Hidden Oasis property to completely soak in what the brand stood for, spent days connecting with all the layers of the brand, which played a crucial role in coming up with the logo that could encompass the brand personality.

The vibe at The Hidden Oasis was so holistic and overpowering, that it became almost necessary to inculcate the same in the brand logo.

The new contemporary logo conveys the brand repositioning in which the visual appeal takes a big leap – the focus shifts to communicating the holistic and inner well-being experienced at The Hidden Oasis.

The circle represents the fullness of life, and the color palette used represents the five elements of nature – Air, Water, Sky, Fire, and Space. It signifies the blending of all the five elements of nature to create perfect harmony. 

The human illustration represents happiness and contentment. As we come in contact with the supreme NATURE, we experience divine joy, optimism, cheerfulness, increased mental activity, awareness, and enhanced energy levels. This helps us heal our mind, body, and soul.

The final logo emits the fact that at The Hidden Oasis Pune, you are welcomed into the world of HARMONY, WELLNESS and ABUNDANCE!

2. Revamping the Website:

Life, thanks to the internet, has become all about creating and marketing your brand, by curating informative and relatable content for the masses to consume. Website, in line with this, is a crucial aspect for establishing a brand and making it visible to the masses. 

If you have a killer product/service but no website, making your product/service available to your prospects would become extremely difficult. Website nowadays, acts as an extension of social media for businesses, enabling them to showcase and market their product/service and as a result establish their brand identity.

As part of revamping the website for The Hidden Oasis, we indulged ourselves in deep research about the industry and the competitive landscape and innately had to get in the skin of the brand to bring out the brand personality through the website design. This was achieved by taking the following route: 

a. Look and Feel of the website: Design-wise it was evident that the website needed a contemporary look and feel. Once the user visits the website, he/ she should be engulfed in the feeling that is The Hidden Oasis. Hence, we decided to stick to a contemporary design for the website that goes hand-in-hand with the holistic vibe of the property.

b. Painting a picture through words: As we all know it, “content is king”. It was then, a necessity to bring words together in a way to portray the brand essence engagingly. The content of the website serves the purpose of converting a visitor of your website into a customer of your brand. 

Keeping the brand personality in mind, the content was designed in a way to string together a story that encapsulates the visitor and inspires him/her to experience the feeling that is The Hidden Oasis.

c. Installing a Lead Capturing Mechanism: Lead capturing mechanism is of utmost importance for any business. Having a proper lead capturing mechanism in place ensures that you don’t miss out on any opportunity to grow your business. 

This crucial mechanism was not incorporated in the old version of the website and we understood that it was the reason why The Hidden Oasis was missing out on wider opportunities to grow its brand. After having installed a proper mechanism for lead capturing on the website, we could notice right away that there was a 30x increase in the lead numbers.

3. Activating Social Media Handles:

Social Media is potentially the most influential virtual space used not just for social networking but also for promoting your brand and products/services. 48% of the world is currently using social media space to establish its brand and connect with people globally. 

In line with this, we initiated social media marketing for The Hidden Oasis by activating their social media platforms. This would help the brand to establish an online presence and make the most of it. We activated The Hidden Oasis Facebook page and Instagram Page to start engaging with potential customers online by curating and posting relatable and informative content. 

It was essential to keep the profile on social media consistent with the brand personality developed through the logo and the website. Once this was taken care of, The Hidden Oasis saw an increase in booking inquiries through social media platforms.

4. Designing and Implementing their first-ever program:

YES, YOU CAN! The Hidden Oasis being a paradise that people would want to resort to for a time away from society and the hustle-bustle of everyday life, it was essential to introduce on-property programs to provide the visitors a feeling that they are truly in a different world. 

This program had to inculcate a sense of fulfillment in the visitors along with introducing them to the very essence of The Hidden Oasis. This was carried out in the following steps:

a. Ideating the program: Team My Big Brand Story, while visiting The Hidden Oasis, got a strong sense of spiritual connection with the property. Keeping this in mind, we decided to design a 3-day residential retreat program for the visitors at The Hidden Oasis. 

The basic idea behind this program was to make the visitors feel that when they visit The Hidden Oasis, they foster their spiritual and creative growth by discovering their true selves. The benefits of this program were communicated properly to make the visitors connect with the essence of the property deeply. These benefits included regained zest for life, increased energy levels, enhanced creativity, etc.

b. Coining the name of the program: We had to come up with a name for the program that rightly captured the purpose of the program. The purpose of the program was to enable visitors to upgrade their lives and become the best version of themselves. 

We almost instantly went ahead with “Yes, you can!” as the name of the program. It complimented the essence of the program and the property very well.

c. Creating Communication Tools: After having the basic framework of the program ready, the next process to be followed was to communicate it to the masses in an ideal manner. As part of offline communications flyers and brochures were designed. As far as online communication goes, the program was promoted on social media platforms and the website.

d. Launching the Program: The program was launched with suitable marketing and promotion. The visitors were interviewed for the testimonials which built a base for the program.

Hence, My Big Brand Story played an instrumental role in making the program a huge success. From inception to final execution, we helped The Hidden Oasis make the program a legacy.


After having executed all the steps by taking ownership of the brand and treating it as our very own, we were able to build and establish the brand personality of The Hidden Oasis. The logo, the website, the social media platforms, and the program combined helped carry out perfect brand repositioning and we managed to establish and promote the new brand identity for The Hidden Oasis that has certainly helped them reach more people and grow their business.