Episode 1: The Indian Sparrow

My Big Brand Story
My Big Brand Story
Episode 1: The Indian Sparrow
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The Indian Sparrow-Unique Brand Story

Hi everyone, and welcome to CONFAB. This is an initiative of My Big Brand Story. Here we discuss unique brand narratives. Today we have with us the very talented Sonali Brid. She’s the founder and the chief creative officer of the Indian Sparrow. The Indian Sparrow is an ethical and slow clothing label.

Hi Sonali and welcome! Thank you so much for coming and speaking with us. Hi Saili, thank you. Thank you, Monica, and the team at My Big Brand Story for having me over.

1. How did you think of the name the Indian Sparrow for your brand?

Well, the Indian Sparrow was dropped into my spirit as I was looking for a name for my dream project I was brainstorming for the name, and just like the house sparrow, the Indian crafts and weave that nestle in the hinterlands of India have been struggling to survive in the face of industrialization. So, it was about reconnecting what was lost. So, the name came as a full circle to the brand story.

2. Did you face any challenges initially and what did you do to stand out?

Yes, challenges have always been part of the journey and the onset, and we continue to be so today. But it is hard to keep believing in your dream that keeps you going forward. And more than doing things differently.

It is about staying true to what you believe in. And be there with all honesty doing your part. And of course, a team that believes in your design ethos makes it easier to keep going forward.

3. Why would someone want to own the creation of the Indian Sparrow?

Well, when you embrace a garment from the Indian Sparrow. It’s not just a piece of clothing that you buy, you are embracing a story. A story that was created right from the weaver who was involved to the person who was hand finishing the garment they’ve been all part of your garment.

So, you carry a story home and you continue to live in that story and enjoy it for a long time to come, and you embrace a garment that’s contemporary, that’s versatile and that’s comfortable. So, it’s an investment. It’s a well-informed purchase that you’re doing, and most importantly, you’re investing in a community that believes in nurturing each other.

4. Any suggestions to our listeners on how to successfully manage the moments of truth of their brands?

Well, you simply believe and continue believing in your brand ethos and stay true to it and you’re there with a heart to serve the best to your community and the rest will work out well, I believe.

Thank you so much, Sonali for coming and speaking with us. Thank you. Thank you, Saily. Thank you! And to all of you, if you would like to know many more such interesting journeys, do subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thank you so much.