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The internet not only altered the way consumers research and come to a buying decision but also changed the way

The marketplace, as we knew it a decade ago, has completely transformed into a digital marketplace, with the constant improvements

The current trend when it comes to customer behavior revolves around the customer indulging in thorough research regarding the product

According to NASSCOM, India added 1600 tech startups in 2020, making it the third-largest tech startup country in the world.

Digital marketing along with being a trending tool is also the most affordable and effective form of marketing. It has

“Rasode mein kaun tha?” For all those who answered ‘Rashi thi’, congratulations on keeping up with the trend. Life, thanks

In simple words, the major difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is the channels used for communicating with customers.

B2B marketing refers to business-to-business marketing. Even though it is necessary to develop B2B marketing in the future. Let’s know

Making a killer start-up marketing plan doesn’t need to have a lot of money as a cost, all it needs

Founding a new startup? Amazing! How much effort, time, and money you should put into branding and your startup brand strategy? When

In marketing, brand positioning strategy is defined as the process by which marketers try to form an identity or reputation